New: Connect your eBay store to Google Sheets using Mellow

Great news! We’re excited to announce that Mellow now supports eBay. This means that businesses using Mellow to manage their inventory can now sync their inventory and sales orders directly from Google Sheets to eBay.

With Mellow, managing your inventory has never been easier. Whether you’re using a spreadsheet to keep track of your inventory or using a more advanced system, Mellow can help you automate the process of keeping your inventory up-to-date across all of your sales channels.

Now, with the addition of eBay support, businesses can easily connect their eBay account to Mellow and start syncing their inventory and sales orders. This means that you no longer have to manually update your inventory on eBay – Mellow will take care of it for you.

Not only does this save you time, but it also helps to prevent mistakes and ensure that your inventory levels are always accurate. This is especially important for businesses that rely on eBay to sell their products, as having accurate inventory levels can help to prevent overselling and disappointed customers.

In addition to syncing inventory and sales orders, Mellow also provides valuable insights and analysis to help businesses make informed decisions about their inventory management. With Mellow, you can track your sales and inventory levels over time, identify slow-moving items, and make adjustments to your inventory levels to maximize sales and profits.

Overall, we’re thrilled to add eBay support to Mellow and we can’t wait to see how it helps businesses streamline their inventory management process. If you’re currently using Mellow to manage your inventory and you’re interested in connecting to eBay, simply log in to your Mellow account and follow the instructions to get started. And if you’re not yet using Mellow, now is the perfect time to give it a try and see how it can help your business.